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Thousands of couples use My Mikvah Calendar to keep family purity with accuracy, ease and meaning

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With advanced calculations for hundreds of real-life scenarios, My Mikvah Calendar makes it simple to keep an accurate family purity calendar according to Chabad custom


Enter a flow date and the app does the rest


See calculations refined through a decade of real-life Halachic responsa


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Universally Respected

My Mikvah Calendar was developed in collaboration with the world's leading Rabbis in the field of family purity (Taharat Hamishpacha) and is continually advanced with their guidance

Rav Sholom Ber Chaikin

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

...I have carefully reviewed the calendar and have found it to be an excellent online tool to aid couples in the keeping of the Onot HaVestos. It follows halachic guidelines al pi the Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch and Chabad custom....

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Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gluckowsky

Rechovot, Israel

...I am pleased to say that I have found it to be a very thorough vestos program displaying a great amount of halachic detail in dealing with the complexities of keeping an accurate Taharas Hamishpacha calendar....

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Dayan Levi Yitzchok Raskin

London, UK

...This is an amazing piece of work, literally taking the print calendar a quantum leap further....

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Vaad Rabbonei Lubavitch

...I have carefully reviewed the calendar and have found it to be an excellent online tool to aid couples in the keeping of the Onot HaVestos. It follows halachic guidelines al pi the Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch and Chabad custom....

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Rabbi Yosef Feigelstock

Buenos Aires, Argentina

...ולכן הנני ממליץ לכל מי שיש לה מחשב מחובר לאינטרנט בלאו הכי, שישתמש בו לדבר מצווה ובפרט למצווה גדולה זו....

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Rabbi Fishel Jacobs

Kfar Chabad, Israel

...This is an innovative work of awe-inspiring dimensions. Its options and preferences are too numerous to begin listing here...I have tested the program, and find it far exceeds its stated abilities....

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Rabbi Yehuda Leib Schapiro

Miami Beach, Florida, USA

...I am very impressed with the performance of the online Cheshbon calendar...I have reviewed the calendar and find its functions to be true to the halachic detail required of such a calendar....

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Rabbi Pesach Shmerling

Brooklyn, New York, USA

...I spent hours testing the program with many scenarios...I found the program to accurately deal with not only the simple calculations, but numerous complicated situations as well.....

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Ultimate Privacy

With a secure login, view your flow history and Mikvah schedule anywhere, at any time

Smart Alerts

Get email/text reminders with local times for bedikah and mikvah

Always On Time

Wherever you go—across a timezone or across the dateline—enter your travel dates to see alerts in local time

Meaningful Explanations

Detailed descriptions available on how each calculation is reached and what it means for you


More Popular Features

Enhanced Reminders*

See calculations and get alerts for all anticipated Onah separations and suspected fixed cycles

Visual Calendar*

See your timeline of flow, separation and Mikvah cycles on a color-coded, intuitive interface

His-and-her logins

An optional secondary account allows husbands to view events and get reminders

Lifelong Data

Personal calculations are "learned" from the events you enter and are stored for all future calculations

Saved Checklists

Prepare for immersion with a digital checklist that saves your progress

Mikvah Locator

Find a Mikvah anywhere in the world by zip code, city name or GPS (more than 4,700 listings!)

*Premium feature unlocked with annual $25 donation


My Mikvah Calendar is an online tool to guide you in keeping a calendar in accordance with the laws of Family Purity (Taharas Hamispacha).

My Mikvah Calendar was designed for married Jewish couples who follow Chabad customs.

Once you create your account, you will have access to video tutorials, a detailed manual, and a glossary of Hebrew terms.

Only your most recent cycle. You will be prompted to enter all necessary information and My Mikvah Calendar will calculate accordingly.

You have the option to choose Explain All Calculations from the Settings menu. When you do, pop up windows will explain how all calculations are reached throughout every step in keeping your Mikvah Calendar.

We have a list of situations that require the input of a Rabbi. My Mikvah Calendar will also prompt you to contact a Rabbi should such a situation arise.

Yes. Rest assured that all of your personal information is kept strictly private. Everything is Password protected. Only you can view your personal data.

Yes, just enter your tavel plans and My Mikvah Calendar will function accordingly.

My Mikvah Calendar can send you reminders prior to each upcoming event via email and/or sms.

Yes, the program will detect any emerging patterns and give you the information needed to confirm with a Rabbi.

Although My Mikvah Calendar makes all calculations necessary for computing your onot of separation, it is strongly recommended to still do these calculations yourself. You can purchase a hard copy calendar designed to work with My Mikvah Calendar here.

Halacha (Jewish law) mandates the use of a Hebrew calendar to calculate the times required to abstain from marital relations in anticipation of a period. The Hebrew date begins at shkiah (sunset) and ends the following day at shkiah (whereas the civil date, based on the standard solar calendar, begins and ends at midnight). All menstrual calculations are figured only according to the Hebrew calendar. Calculations based on any other calendar will not be accurate. Never use the standard solar calendar for this purpose although, for reference only, this online calendar includes the civil dates.

We have seen how the accurate observance of family purity introduces consciousness and communication that help relationships flourish. For this reason, we encourage you to manually track your cycles of separation on a print calendar, using our app to verify calculations and alert you to actions needed.

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